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Accurate Trading Signals

BTC Revolution app uses world-class technology based on the most advanced algorithm. It scans and analyzes the market with unrivaled accuracy, provides the most accurate trading indicators based on live data and therefore has the highest success rate.

Automated trading software

BTC Revolution trading app offers an automated trading mode in addition to manual. Using this trading robot means you never miss an opportunity to make profits. The software executes trades according to the trading signals.

Privacy Shield Security

BTC Revolution offers peace of mind with Privacy Shield security, providing a private and secure trading environment. Personal information, financial data and details about your trades are kept secure at all times using current internet security protocols.

BTC Revolution Software

BTC Revolution is not just a software, but an exclusive club, a circle of people who have decided to stop dreaming and turn their dreams into reality by trading with Bitcoin Trader. Making money is easy, trading requires no prior knowledge, success is no longer just for professionals. Free registration and system setup only takes a few minutes a day, and the sensational Bitcoin Revolution software takes care of it



  • Trading on BTC Revolution has been a game-changer for me! The user-friendly interface, automated trading software and accurate real-time market data make it my go-to platform.

    Fernando N. Stowe

How It Works

BTC Revolution is an automated cryptocurrency trading app. Although it is considered and described as a fully automated trading platform, it also offers manual trading.

To Register

Free and easy – Simply fill out the short registration form on our website with some basic information and submit. Verification is instant, so you can become a BTC Revolution member and start trading almost immediately.


Minimum Deposit – A deposit of just €250 is required to use your account. You would have to start your live trading, this would be your investment capital. You can deposit funds into your account at any time according to your trading preferences.


Quick Profit – Start live trading immediately after setting your settings. Whether manual or automated, the BTC Revolution makes making money easier than ever before. No previous knowledge is required, no market knowledge necessary.

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